Drex Brooks These photographs are examples of my involvement with photography over the last 40 years. During that time I have experimented with a lot of different cameras, media, and techniques. I don't consider myself a "project" photographer, although I have done a few that have beckoned to me and I have followed them to conclusion. It is frustrating and counter productive for me to try to "think up a project", so I don't do that anymore. Most funding and granting agencies, galleries and curators seem to be fixated on "projects", so my work is a little out of that mainstream. My way of working is to just carry a camera around and photograph what seems interesting or to click the shutter when some scene or event in the view finder seems to come together somehow. After a day of making pictures and when I view them all together, I think that to someone else it might seem that they don't have much in common. But the way I see it is that when i study what I found interesting enough to photograph that day, I am not surprised that some of the work is actually showing me a consistent interest or thinking for that day. Sometimes I am lucky enough that happenstance stepped in and I actually made a picture I like, which really makes me happy. But, all in all, it is the day-to-day process of finding out my interests and how I view the world that keeps me enamored with the process, the editing, the learning that comes from doing the work. I like people to look at my pictures and I hope they like some of them. In my mind all my pictures are just part of one project- the many situations, thoughts, ideas, events, scenes and the magic, luck, and work are presented as photographs, objects for others to view - so that's my 40 year project.

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